About Us

Established in 2012, we're a team of experienced engineers ready to support your project

Broad Experience

With decades of engineering experience working with the smallest to largest organizations, we can work with you to understand your requirements and deliver an effective solution.

Flexibility, Quality & Performance

As a small company we have the flexibility to attack rapid prototyping projects to reduce risks in larger system development projects.

For production projects, we have quality systems operating that are suitable for ISO-9001 and AS9100D level production. Those certifications are not currently in place but are ready for re-certification upon customer demand. Since 2021, our production customers have not required these certifications, so they were left to lapse. The quality system, however, is still in place.

We have a small full-time team of experienced engineers and a network of contracting engineers available to launch new projects quickly.

Made in USA

Our operations and key partners are all US companies, mostly in Colorado. Our direct employees are all “US persons” according to the ITAR requirements. We are not currently ITAR registered, but are in position to register when a customer requires it.

On specific projects with customer permission, we can source foreign sub-assemblies and contract non-US engineers if they can help reduce schedules and cost.

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